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Wayne Stocks —  In Blog Admin June 26, 2011

We’re still cleaning up from all the construction around here. We’re scheduled to launch officially sometime later this summer, but we’re glad you found your way here early. We always welcome visitors. The mission of Divorce Ministry 4 Kids is to equip those who work with children, particularly those in children’s ministry, to effectively minister to children whose parents are going through, or have been, divorced. The number of children in the United States whose parents are divorced grows by over 1,000,000 children each year. We owe it to those kids to learn how best to serve them. You can find out more about the why behind this ministry in this article written on one of my other sites.

When this site launches, I hope to include a variety of articles and resources to equip people in children’s ministry, and the church in general, to serve children of divorce.  I hope in doing that that this site will also be useful to parents, family friends, and anyone else with a heart for these kids.  So, what can you do now to help us?

  1. Fill out, and/or publicize, the Children of Divorce survey.  This short, confidential on-line survey is for people over the age of 18 whose parents divorce before they turned eighteen.  It is only 8 questions about your parents’ divorce and how it affected you, and it will help us to better serve child who are currently going through the same thing.  It you fit the criteria, please fill it out.  If you don’t please pass it along to people who you know who could fill it out, and help us to publicize the survey.
  2. Like our page on facebook.  There is a box on the left hand side of this page (or right if I can’t make up my mind where I want the sidebar) where you can easily like the page.
  3. Follow us on twitter.  We won’t be using the account until the site goes “live,” but you can follow us now so that you’ll be ready.

If you have any other suggestions for the site, please leave them in the comments below.  We are definitely open to suggestions.  In case you’re wondering, the background color was picked at the suggestion of my eight year old daughter and ten year old son.  I’m still a bit iffy on it, but I’ve got some time to think about it!  Let me know what you think.

Don says:

There’s no comment form on your Bookstore page so I will comment here. Strange to see “How it Feels When A Parent Dies” by Jill Krementz on your site, but not her companion book, “How it Feels When Parents Divorce.” Both are excellent books, if a bit dated since they were written in the 1980s. Is this intentional, or just a mistake?

Wayne Stocks says:

Thanks for pointing that out. I think we must have accidentally selected the wrong book for the store. I hope that eventually this store will be much more targeted to the books that we feel are most helpful, but for now we have included a variety of books. Thanks again!

Hey Wayne, did you go to the Expo up in Kentucky? I was there last year and wish so much I could’ve been there this year.

Did you get all those links about children of divorce I emailed from my linda@hlp4.com? There was some new research. Sure with the researchers would talk to those of us that work with these kids on a regular basis. My DC4K (Divorcecare for Kids) kids up in the Raleigh area are really missing me right now. Would you like for me to post a couple of messages on here about when I told them I was leaving.

I’m ready to blog on this site when you are ready for all that to get started. Or not! Just whatever I can do.

And how to we get a avatar /gravatar on here?

Linda J

Maria says:

Wayne, I work at an urban Christian school. Many of our students are open to the Lord’s leading, but are hurting in their homes. I look forward to the insight DM4Kids will bring!

Rev. Beth Waweru says:

Thanks for this thought, most of our children are lost and they need help, God bless you and may He add knowledge to you as you do this.

Wayne Stocks says:


Thank you for your thoughts and your prayers. They mean a lot as I launch this new ministry.

Emmy Ondisa says:

I really thank God for you and for this site because i believe it will transformed and that the children of God will find hope peace and rest for their souls which i believe is the will of God.

May God bless you and the work of your hands.



Wayne Stocks says:


Thanks for your kind words!

Robyn B says:

Congrats, Wayne, on your ministry launch. I am excited to “connect the dots” with you in our growing number of ministries for the single parents and their kids. Let’s keep in touch. May God bless your ministry!

Wayne Stocks says:


Thanks! I am excited to get to know you and your ministry better. One of the things I would like to do with this site is expose people in children’s ministry to other ministries related to single parenting and children of divorce. I am going to be presumptuous and add you to the list of people to feature. 🙂 For you, that means I’ll be in touch soon to bother you. 🙂

What can I do to help you with this website?

Looking great and I think it will minister to many. Woo-Hoo! Let’s get going.

Linda J

Wayne Stocks says:


Careful, you may be sorry you asked. 🙂 If you can just check in frequently and let me know where I am way off base, check my facts and generally weigh in with your expert opinion, I think those will be the most helpful things. Thanks for the kind comments. I’m still debating the purple background (my kids both like it, but I’m not sure), and I’m also tying to figure out if I like the sidebar on the left. I may still move it to the right side. I’ve been amazed by the response to the site thus far especially considering how I just threw it out there as something of a “placeholder” until the official launch. Given the response, I may need to move the launch date up. I just want to make sure that I don’t sacrifice quality for speed.

I hope that this site, and ministry, will be a source of information and ideas for people in children’s ministry – and churches in general. Even more, though, I hope that it becomes a place where people can engage in conversation and learn from one another about this very important issue!