#5: Helping Children of Divorce With Emotions

Wayne Stocks —  In Emotional Impacts December 26, 2012

shadowsOver the last year or so, we have published a series of one page infographics designed to help parents and those who work with children to help children of divorce to process the emotions they experience following the divorce of their parents.  The series has become one of our most popular with 18 of the 19 installments ranking in our top 100 posts and only the most recent post yet to reach that threshold.  Grief and the Child of Divorce currently sits at #10 on our most viewed list which brings it in at #5 in our year-end count down.  Here is the complete list of articles in this series:

You can get a complete pdf copy covering all 19 emotions here.

How very helpful – thank you
Sue Atkins Author of “Parenting Made Easy – How To Raise Happy Children”