#6: The Differences Between Children’s Ministry and Ministering to Children of Divorce

Wayne Stocks —  In Children's Ministry December 17, 2012

Editor’s Note: We continue our December countdown of the top ten articles in the history of Divorce Ministry 4 Kids with the number six spot today. Please enjoy this recap of some of our favorite articles as we enjoy this Christmas season with our family and friends.

I was honored earlier this year to write a series of posts with Linda Ranson Jacobs (the writer of Divorce Care 4 Kids and a regular contributor here on DivorceMinistry4Kids.com) on the culture shock that some children’s ministers face when it comes to ministering to children of divorce.  It has become on of our more popular series with all six regular installments coming in in our top 75 and the “final thoughts” post finishing at 102.  The highest rated installment was dealing with chaos which came in number 19 overall in our list which lands it in the #6 spot when series are combined.  Here is the complete list of those articles: