#9: Why Churches Should Minister to Children of Divorce

Wayne Stocks —  In Call to Action December 5, 2012

Editor’s Note: We continue our December countdown of the top ten articles in the history of Divorce Ministry 4 Kids with the number nine spot today.  Please enjoy this recap of some of our favorite articles as we enjoy this Christmas season with our family and friends.

Back in May of 2012 we did a post which ranks #28 overall in our list of posts, and due to consolidation of articles from different series makes #9 on our list. The article was called:

This article contained selected statistics about kids not living in traditional families as well as a series of questions to help you assess how welcoming your ministry and church is to children of divorce.

Part of our mission at Divorce Ministry 4 Kids is to call to the church to action when it comes to ministering to children of divorce.  Also back in May of 2012 we presented a related four part series designed as a speech to a local congregation on why your church should start a ministry to these kids.  Part 1 of that series came it at #32 overall, and the remaining three installments all rank among our top 100 articles:

Back in October, I published another post which explains how I came up with the statistics for this series: