Helping Kids Cope With Tragedy

Wayne Stocks —  In Tragedy December 18, 2012

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Hope 4 Hurting Kids

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I like this article Wayne. Thank you for sharing it on the Family Ministry Church Leaders Facebook Group. We all need help to talk about this tragedy with kids.

Wayne Stocks says:

The latest Phil Vischer podcast also tackles the issue from the perspective of the meaning of Christmas in the midst of tragedy. Make sure to stay tuned for the short story towards the end of the podcast. Great stuff!

Wayne Stocks says:

Jenny Funderburke published a great article on being prepared for a tragedy at your church:

Wayne Stocks says:

Here is an additional article from Michelle Anthony, author of Spiritual Parenting, on how to talk to kids about tragedy:

Roberta Meier says:

Appreciate your comments.

Ed Miller says:

Thanks for all the work you put into this Wayne. Great job.

Karl says:

Thank you Wayne for your time and thoughtful response.