What About My Family!?!? – Part 3

Wayne Stocks —  In Family Ministry July 25, 2012

This article, which was first published in the March/April issue of K! Magazine addresses the issue of how the church should address children of divorce and children from single-parent families in the context of family ministry.

Welcome to final part of our series on family ministry and children of divorce. So far we have looked at the move towards family ministry in the church today and what that means for children of divorce and children from single parent families.  Today we will look at some practical steps the church can take to ensure these kids do not fall through the cracks.

What Can The Church Do?

pdf to share rightSo, what practical steps can a church or children’s ministry take to ensure that these kids are not left out in the cold? What can we do to be the hands and feet of Jesus to these kids? Here are some suggestions to get started:

  1. Get involved. Figure out which kids in your church are from divorced families so that you can know which kids may require special ministry.
  2. Reach out. Take time to reach out to kids whose parents are getting divorced.
  3. Offer support. Start a Divorce Care 4 Kids or similar support group in your church.
  4. Be prepared. Study the impact of divorce on kids. Read books like Between Two Worlds and check out sites like DivorceMinistry4Kids.com for more information.
  5. Make contact. Talk to both parents if possible – whether they come to your church or not.
  6. Give thought. Think about children of divorce and children from single parent families when planning your and events.