#1: Children of Divorce in the Bible

Wayne Stocks —  In Theology of Divorce January 9, 2013

Editor’s Note: Welcome back to the conclusion of our year-end count down of the top ten posts/series in the history of DivorceMinistry4Kids.com. We’ve finally reached the coveted #1 spot.

Our most visited post ever in the history of DivorceMinistry4Kids.com is another of the foundational posts we published very early on in the history of the ministry.  Our views should be based on biblical truth, and it was important to our ministry that we take an in depth look at what the Bible has to say about children of divorce.  The first installment in that series titled “The Bible and Children of Divorce” comes in slightly ahead of the statistics post in our all time list.  The remaining five parts of that series plus an article we did on what the Bible says about Divorce all ranked in our top 50 posts of all time.  Here are links to all of those articles: