Does the Shape of Families Shape Faith: Additional Resources

imageA few weeks back, we published a series of articles highlighting the recent report from the Institute for American Values titled “Does the Shape of Families Shape Faith?”  Our coverage included a comprehensive review and synopsis of the report, a listing of conclusions from the report and a summary of the recommendations in the report for churches.  We also reported on Elizabeth Marquardt’s interview about the report on Fox News.  The release of this report fits nicely into our discussion of the 6/50 Window over the course of the last month.

Today, we wanted to bring a couple of additional resources related to the report to your attention.

First, and foremost, we wanted to let you know about the Family Scholars podcast.  Although the podcast is about more than the Does the Shape of Families Shape Faith?, three of the first four episodes are either about the report or touch on the report.  The 2/8/2013 podcast is an interview by Amy Zeitlow (the host of the podcast) with co-author Elizabeth Marquardt about the report.  The 2/11/2013 podcast is an interview with Charles Stokes – another coauthor on the report.  Finally, while the 2/22/13 interview with Elizabeth Marquardt is not explicitly about the report, they do touch on the issue of fatherlessness in our society.  I would encourage you to listen to these episodes and subscribe to make sure you don’t miss future episodes.

In conjunction with the report, Elizabeth Marquardt also put together “An Annotated Bibliography of Books on Children of Divorce Plus A Few Films.”  Ms. Marquardt lists most of the major books on the issue of divorce and children of divorce along with a brief commentary on each.  Finally, David Lapp compiled “A Literature Review On The Spiritual Lives Of Children of Divorce.”  In this report, Mr. Lapp provides a brief summary of many of the research reports out there on the issue of spirituality and children of divorce.