Introducing I Am A Child of Divorce

Wayne Stocks —  In Websites February 18, 2013

Square Logo - 300 x 300 - White BackgroundWe are pleased to announce that last week we launched a brand new website as an extension of the mission and ministry of Divorce Ministry 4 Kids.  We would like to introduce you to I Am A Child of Divorce.

I Am A Child of Divorce is a site which will grow into a vibrant community of children of divorce and those committed to caring for them.  The site includes discussion forums, chat rooms and a repository of resources for children, teens and adults impacted by divorce.  I Am A Child of Divorce aims to be a place of hope and healing for children of divorce of all ages.

Why We Started I Am A Child of Divorce

At Divorce Ministry 4 Kids, our mission includes four pillars.  Three of those four pillars involve teaching people about the need for ministry to children of divorce, equipping people to undertake that ministry and calling the church to stand in the gap for these kids.  The fourth pillar of our mission is:

4. Serving children of divorce and their families as the hands and feet of Jesus Christ.

To date, our efforts on this portion of our mission have focused primarily  on individual relationships and running local sessions of the Divorce Care 4 Kids support group.  This newest effort, I Am A Child of Divorce, is a more fundamental and unique attempt to fulfill this facet of our mission.

At Divorce Ministry 4 Kids, we are big proponents of programs like Divorce Care 4 Kids and The Big D: Divorce Through the Eyes of A Teen in order to assist kids in the healing process following the divorce of their parents.  There are not enough sessions of these valuable programs available for the number of children of divorce in this country and around the world.

However, the fact of the matter is that too many children of divorce will never walk through the doors of a church or into a DC4K or Big D group.  Despite the best efforts of those programs, and others, the vast majority of children of divorce will be left to fend for themselves through the most difficult times of their young lives.

What Is the Purpose of I Am A Child of Divorce?

Through the community at I Am A Child of Divorce we hope to provide the resources and support that these kids are sorely lacking.  Whether it is a listening ear or just the right information, we are seeking to be support that these children so desperately need.

In addition to resources and forums that are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we are also planning on conducting live chats on a variety of topic where those affected by divorce can weigh in, ask questions and find people who understand what they are feeling and what they are going through.

Additionally, we are in the early planning phases of running online support groups for kids and teens who are going through, or have gone through, their parents separation and/or divorce.  These online groups will make use of our private forums and chat room to build a more personal (and smaller) community of children in similar circumstances and adults who are trained to help them.

What Can I Do to Help?

The most important thing you can do is join our community.  Whether you are a child of divorce (or from a single-parent home) or just have a heart for helping these kids, head over to I Am A Child of Divorce and register for the site now.  This will allow you to use the forums and more effectively use our chat room.  This will allow you engage in our community and get the most out of the site.  We promise to keep your information confidential. You can also head over to our Facebook page and like that page. 

Secondly, help us get the word out.  More than half of our battle is getting the word of this valuable resource out there.  Share the site and information about the site with people you know:

  1. Share it on Facebook.
  2. Tweet about it.
  3. Post it on Google+
  4. Pin it on Pinterest
  5. Post it on Instagram
  6. Tell parents about it.
  7. Tell children of divorced parents about it, and encourage them to get involved.
  8. Let your pastors know about it.
  9. Write about it.
  10. If you run a divorce support group, include it in a listing of resources for your participants.  We hope that we can be a site for continued development and engagement even after your group is completed.
  11. E-mail it to your contacts.
  12. Encourage your own kids to visit and engage in our community if you are divorced or separated.
  13. Include it in your church newsletter.
  14. Link to it from your website.

The success of I Am A Child of Divorce is predicated on building a community of people who need the site.  In order to do that, we have to reach as many people as possible.  By working together and leveraging each of our circles of influence, we can greatly expand the reach of the site.  In the end though, we are not concerned with the size of the site so much as trying to get it into the hands of people who need it.  Your efforts in helping us to do that are greatly appreciated.

Finally, if you have a heart for helping children of divorce and would like to help us create content for the site, please send me an e-mail at and we’ll talk.

Where Can I Find More Information?

For more information, please check out the About page on the I Am A Child of Divorce site.  The About page includes more information about why we started I Am A Child of Divorce, why we chose that name, the mission of I Am A Child of Divorce, an explanation of who should use the website and more information on our plans for the site.

I love the resources you have created and have shared them with my networks! I would also like to add I have written a book to help parents minimize the impact of divorce on their children, called The 7 Fatal Mistakes Divorced and Separated Parents Make: Strategies for Raising Healthy Children of Divorce and Conflict. You can purchase via my website or via amazon here: – Please encourage your readers to check it out. Thanks again for your shared mission to help children!