Jack’s Story: Children of Divorce and the Peace of God

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I have also experienced things like that before. These kids live in such chaos that life just seems to swirl around them. They have no peace. This goes for teens as well.

One time I was helping in a Sunday School and there was a little boy who could not sit still, bugged everyone around him and was very distracting during lesson time. Without saying a word, I sat on the floor next to him and began rubbing his back gently. He immediately stopped his actions and sat and listened. I quit rubbing his back for about 15 seconds and he began bugging kids again and squirming. I began again to slowly rub his back and his behavior stopped. It was like a lightswitch turning on and off. I realized that the rubs gave him gentle peace. When the teacher asked questions about the story, he knew every answer.

I believe our churches can be an oasis from the chaos in a kid’s harsh world. Look at hurting kids from divorce with different eyes and pray for the Holy Spirit’s guidance as we minister to them and not just work to keep them quiet.

Very well put Robyn. I love the idea of churches being an oasis for kids. I hurt for the kids the churches reject simply because they don’t know or don’t understand. Thanks for your heart and ministry.