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Answers with Amy features the wisdom and experience of Amy Dolan from Lemon Lime Kids, a Children’s Ministry Consulting Company.  Amy started Lemon Lime Kids seven years ago to empower and encourage fellow children’s ministry leaders.  Amy attended Moody Bible College and the Erikson Institute for Child Development.  She has served as a Promiseland Curriculum Writer and Programmer at Willow Creek Church, Children’s Ministry Director at The Chapel, Lead Teacher at Head Start and Executive Director of Children’s Ministries at Willow Creek.  Amy now consults with churches and children’s ministries on all types of issues.  She is a frequent conference speaker and also one of the creative forces behind What Matters Now in Children’s Ministry.  Amy currently lives in Chicago with her husband Kelly.

Amy and I had crossed paths before Divorce Ministry 4 Kids started last summer, but when we went to start Divorce Ministry 4 Kids, I turned quickly to Amy because she has a passion for serving non-traditional families and has championed children’s ministries and churches in serving these kids.  Last Autumn, I had the chance to interview Amy about her work in this area.  It was clear after that interview that our respective passions for serving these kids overlapped, and we resolved to look for ways to collaborate.

Earlier this year, I sought Amy’s insight on a project I was working on for Divorce Ministry 4 Kids.  Much to my surprise, she suggested that she start writing a regular column on Divorce Ministry 4 Kids answers specific questions from churches on issues related to ministering to children of divorce and single-parent families.  I jumped at the offer, and “Answers With Amy” was born. “Answers With Amy” will be a monthly segment here at Divorce Ministry 4 Kids beginning in the month of April.  If you are in children’s ministry or work at a church and have any question about ministering to these kids or their families, you can submit your questions to  Take advantage of this great opportunity to draw on the experience of a professional children’s ministry coach and get practical advice on issues you or your church are facing.

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