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This blog is from Kristine Steakley the author of Child of Divorce, Child of God: A Journey of Hope and Healing. The blog had been static for nearly a year at last check, but the articles already there focusing on divorce, its effects on kids and adult children of divorce are well worth a read, as is Ms. Steakley’s book.
Child of Divorce / Child of God

This blog is from Rosalind Sedacca author of How Do I Tell the Kids about the Divorce? A Create-a-Storybook Guide to Preparing Your Children – with Love!. She explains of this blog, “On these pages you’ll find the support, resources, advice and other tools you need to create the best possible outcome for you and your children during and after a divorce.” As the title would imply, the focus on this blog is children during and after the divorce process.
Child Centered Divorce
“The Coalition is a non-partisan coalition of divorce reform leaders, marriage educators, domestic violence experts, scholars, and concerned citizens dedicated to supporting efforts to reduce unnecessary divorce and promote healthy marriages.” The blog includes articles on The Impact of Divorce, The Cost of Divorce to Taxpayers, the Parental Divorce Reduction Act, Non-Legislative Efforts to Reduce Divorce, The Breakdown of Marriage, The Benefits of Marriage, Failure of Current Divorce Laws and the Impact of Single Parenting.
Coalition for Divorce Reform
The author of this blog explains, “Darn Divorce, is a collection of random thoughts and news on the Dreaded D-Word. Some content may appear silly or cynical, but in no way am I undermining the distressing effects of divorce…Sometimes its just better to laugh it off, that’s all.” The articles on this page were slightly out-of-date at last check.
Darn Divorce
This site offers “practical advice to help you know how to deal with divorce, and help your children deal with divorce too.” Articles are provided in categories including Deciding to Divorce, Infidelity Advice, Divorce Steps and Planning, Child Custody and Support, Effects of Divorce on Children, Parenting During Divorce, and Do It Yourself Divorce.
Deal With Divorce
This is the site of Christina McGee. Christina is a well known divorce and parenting coach and the author of Parenting Apart: How Separated and Divorced Parents Can Raise Happy and Secure Kids. This site includes a variety of articles from Christina on topics like Do’s and Don’ts, Help Your Children, Adjustment Factors, Talking to Kids, Caring for Self, Parent with Your Ex, When to Find Help, Two Homes, Dating, Blended Family and Alienation Issues.
Divorce and Children
When I first started studying children of divorce, I came across a site called Divorce Statistics Collection which is a great collection of statistical information related to divorce and children of divorce. That site is no longer updated. Instead, this blog has taken on the role of being the place where “divorce statistics, and citations and abstracts of studies on the incidence, causes and effects of divorce” are accumulated and reported.
Divorce Statistics
This blog was slightly out of date at last check, but it is from Sharon Shenker who is a coach for individuals and families experiencing relationship difficulty. Despite the fact that the site is not actively updated, there are some interesting and useful articles on the site for people who have divorced or are having difficulties in their marriage.
Divorce Support Plus
Family Scholars if the blog of the Institute for American Values Center for Marriage and Families. It includes a vast array of articles from a variety of knowledgeable sources. The posts cover all kinds of issues related to the status of families today. I found the blog because one of the principal contributors is Elizabeth Marquardt, the author of Between Two Worlds.
Family Scholars
“Fathers and FamiliesTM improves the lives of children and strengthens society by protecting the child’s right to the love and care of both parents after separation or divorce. We seek better lives for children through family court reform that establishes equal rights and responsibilities for fathers and mothers.” The blogs focuses on stories of fathers who have been kept from their children as a result of divorce.
Fathers and Families
I wasn’t quite sure where to file this one since it hadn’t been updated since 2010 at last check, but this is the homepage of Jen Abbas, the author of Generation Ex: Adult Children of Divorce and the Healing of Our Pain. Despite the fact that it no longer appears to be current, there are over 200 articles on this site (check the archive), and since I am a big fan of Ms. Abbas’ book, I have included a link to this site as well.
Generation Ex Files
This is not a traditional blog. Rather, it is an accumulation of articles from Linda Ranson Jacobs who wrote the Divorce Care for Kids curriculum and is also a regular contributor here on Divorce Ministry 4 Kids. I interviewed Linda about what Hlp4 was all about in December 2001. You can find that interview here. The site includes articles for single parents, children’s ministers, teachers, child care providers, grandparents, adult children of divorce and more.
This blog is maintained by Garnet Mierau. Garnet is a divorced dad with two kids. The purpose of this blog is to “show my children what LOVE means to me – every day. How to forgive, let go and have compassion for other perspectives. It is also my opportunity to teach people what I know about entrepreneurialism, success principles and how to take action. To be 100% accountable for the results in their lives.” A lot of the posts on this site (which are at times infrequent) involve and article or video about divorce along with some commentary from Garnet.
Helping Children Through Divorce
You’ll find all kinds of articles related to divorce on this site from entries about which celebrities are splitting up to opinion pieces from ardent supporters of the idea that divorce is really the best thing for kids. But, mixed in the middle, you will find heart wrenching first hand testimonials from children of divorce as well as articles offering advice to parents on how to raise kids during and after divorce. Don’t believe everything you read hear, but with a discerning mind, there is information in this blog which you might find useful.
Huffington Post Divorce
This blog from Mark Banschick, MD covers all kinds of issues related to divorce.
The Intelligent Divorce
This is the blog of Wendy Young. Wendy is “an award-winning child and family therapist, and founder of Kidlutions(tm): Solutions for Kids, as well as the Kidlutions(tm) Preferred Product Awards.” This blog is geared towards parents and includes articles about divorce, grief, angry kids and relocation.
Allison Patton was a family lawyer for many years. Eventually, she gave up her traditional practice and started a new firm emphasizing education, mediation and dispute resolution. Among the goals of her new firm was to “Help parents find a positive and workable way to have two households and to co-parent without anger and bitterness.” The articles on this site reflect this same focus on providing “Information, Insight and Inspiration for People Going Through Divorce.”
Lemonade Divorce
Annie O’ Niell is a retired divorce coach. Her blog includes articles on a variety of topics which might be of interest to someone who is divorcing or divorced including some articles on the issue of children and divorce.
Life After Divorce: New Horizons
This is the blog and home page of Jennifer Maggio. Jennifer is an author and speaker who has had been pregnant three times and and was a single mom and abuse survivor by age 17. Her “passion is teaching women how she took those dire circumstances and eventually became a successful executive in Corporate America and truly found freedom from her past hurt and abuse through a relationship with Christ.” Jennifer has authored two books: Overwhelmed: The Life of a Single Mom and The Church and the Single Mom. The blog also focuses on issues related to single parenting (particularly for mothers) and includes resources for single moms as well as information on support groups and conferences for single mothers.
The Life of a Single Mom
M. Gary Neuman wrote a book in 1999 called “Helping Your Kids Cope With Divorce: The Sandcastles Ways” based on his Sandcastles Program. This blog includes a number of article on the impact of divorce on children as well as advice for parents on how to help children adjust.
M. Gary Neuman Blog
This is the blog of Pat Fagan though others also contribute to the site. Mr. Fagan is a clinical psychologist specializing in child, family and marital therapy. He has worked at the Heritage Foundation and now works “with Tony Perkins at the Family Research Council where he directs the Marriage and Religion Research Institute (MARRI) to equip front line warriors with social science products they can use to win the war for family, faith and freedom.” The article on this site include a variety of issues related to families including the issue of divorce and different family structures.
Marriage and Religion Research Institute Blog
This is the blog of Dr. Richard Marks who runs Marriage for Life, Inc. “a not-for-profit organization based in Jacksonville, Florida which was developed to help decrease divorce and family disintegration in the Greatger Jacksonville area.” Dr. Marks offers his views on a variety of topics related to marriage and divorce on this blog.
Rick's reMarks
This is the blog of Gail Showalter the founder of SMORE is “an alliance of compassionate women who see the needs of single moms. Our purpose is to encourage Single Moms to be Overjoyed, Rejuvenated, and Empowered.”  The blog includes articles geared towards helping single women to be enocuraged.
Smore for Women
This blog, which has been around since 2007, is written by a Baby Boomer whose parents divorced when they were 14. The very first post, from November 2007, explains “What I’m doing on this blog, “Whiner” that I am, is trying to gather together and study what little literature exists about growing up in a Divorced Family.” The author is a self-professed amateur astrologer, and that influence definitely shows up in some blog posts, but overall the blog does a good job an intertwining a first-hand account of divorce with some interesting information.
Spoiled Children of Divorce

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