Children of Divorce Resources

“Banana Splits is a school-based children’s group program for students who have experienced parental divorce or death. Established in 1978 by social worker Liz McGonagle, Banana Splits now supports children, parents, and teachers in schools across the country and around the world.”
Banana Splits

The Big D is a 12 week program for teens going through their parents’ divorce which was written by Krista Smith and is available from Sonset Point Ministries. The website explains, “‘The Big D’ was created to promote a teen’s journey in healing, identifying the hurt from divorce, and then challenging them to find the strength to confront, accept and heal from those hurts. Through challenging the denial often associated with a parents divorce, and helping the teen push through anger issues; “The Big D” can help lead teens into the freedom necessary to understand and experience true forgiveness.”
The Big D: Divorce Through the Eyes of A Teen
Chained No More is a program designed by Robyn Besemann to help Adult Children of Divorce deal with their lingering issues from their parents’ divorce. In an article here on Divorce Ministry 4 Kids, Robyn explained, “‘Chained No More’…is a 13 week curriculum for ACOD. Unlike DC4K and The Big D, where leaders guide kids step by step toward healing, “Chained No More” is designed to help adult participants discover for themselves, with the Lord’s help, the chains that bind them beginning at the time of their parents’ separation/divorce. Links include family patterns, the Chain of Grief, personal issues, areas of unforgiveness, failed relationships and all of the emotions associated with these areas.”
Chained No More
This blog is from Kristine Steakley the author of Child of Divorce, Child of God: A Journey of Hope and Healing. The blog had been static for nearly a year at last check, but the articles already there focusing on divorce, its effects on kids and adult children of divorce are well worth a read, as is Ms. Steakley’s book.
Child of Divorce / Child of God
This blog is from Rosalind Sedacca author of How Do I Tell the Kids about the Divorce? A Create-a-Storybook Guide to Preparing Your Children – with Love!. She explains of this blog, “On these pages you’ll find the support, resources, advice and other tools you need to create the best possible outcome for you and your children during and after a divorce.” As the title would imply, the focus on this blog is children during and after the divorce process.
Child Centered Divorce
This is the site of Christina McGee. Christina is a well known divorce and parenting coach and the author of Parenting Apart: How Separated and Divorced Parents Can Raise Happy and Secure Kids. This site includes a variety of articles from Christina on topics like Do’s and Don’ts, Help Your Children, Adjustment Factors, Talking to Kids, Caring for Self, Parent with Your Ex, When to Find Help, Two Homes, Dating, Blended Family and Alienation Issues.
Divorce and Children
Divorce Care 4 Kids [DC4K] is a 13 week program from Church Initiative. Though it is unrelated to Divorce Ministry 4 Kids, we wholeheartedly recommend this program for any church wanting to start of ministry to children of divorce or a parent looking for a program for their child to attend. We have written extensively about DC4K here on this site including An Introduction to DC4K, a four part series on my first session serving as a leader in DC4K [Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4], and a four part speech to a pastor or congregation on the need for a DC4K type program [Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4].
Divorce Care 4 Kids [DC4k]
M. Gary Neuman wrote a book in 1999 called “Helping Your Kids Cope With Divorce: The Sandcastles Ways” based on his Sandcastles Program. “The Sandcastles Program™ is a three-and-a-half-hour, onetime group session for children of divorce between the ages of six and seventeen. The last half hour includes the children’s parents and focuses on improving communication between them. The program was first instituted in Miami-Dade County, Florida, and is now mandatory there and in over a dozen other jurisdictions throughout the country.” Though you might not be able to enroll your kids in the program itself, the workbooks are available from this site.
Divorce the SandCastles Way
This is not a traditional blog. Rather, it is an accumulation of articles from Linda Ranson Jacobs who wrote the Divorce Care for Kids curriculum and is also a regular contributor here on Divorce Ministry 4 Kids. I interviewed Linda about what Hlp4 was all about in December 2001. You can find that interview here. The site includes articles for single parents, children’s ministers, teachers, child care providers, grandparents, adult children of divorce and more.
This blog is maintained by Garnet Mierau. Garnet is a divorced dad with two kids. The purpose of this blog is to “show my children what LOVE means to me – every day. How to forgive, let go and have compassion for other perspectives. It is also my opportunity to teach people what I know about entrepreneurialism, success principles and how to take action. To be 100% accountable for the results in their lives.” A lot of the posts on this site (which are at times infrequent) involve and article or video about divorce along with some commentary from Garnet.
Helping Children Through Divorce
You’ll find all kinds of articles related to divorce on this site from entries about which celebrities are splitting up to opinion pieces from ardent supporters of the idea that divorce is really the best thing for kids. But, mixed in the middle, you will find heart wrenching first hand testimonials from children of divorce as well as articles offering advice to parents on how to raise kids during and after divorce. Don’t believe everything you read hear, but with a discerning mind, there is information in this blog which you might find useful.
Huffington Post Divorce
M. Gary Neuman wrote a book in 1999 called “Helping Your Kids Cope With Divorce: The Sandcastles Ways” based on his Sandcastles Program. This blog includes a number of article on the impact of divorce on children as well as advice for parents on how to help children adjust.
M. Gary Neuman Blog
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What a wonderful resource for parents who care about their children’s needs during and after divorce! I’m honored to be on your list and support all the wonderful resources you’ve listed here!