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“AMFM is committed to encouraging, training and equipping the church to build marriage and family ministries that are relevant to the needs of the culture. No longer can we afford to minister based on what the statistics were 25 years ago, we must meet the culture at their greatest point of need, in their relationships, marriages, and families.” AMFM includes sections dedicated to family ministry, marriage ministry, single parent family ministry, step-family ministry and more.
Association of Marriage & Family Ministries

Family Dynamics Institute is “a non-profit Christian ministry committed to developing and providing hands-on marriage resources that make a real difference in the lives and marriages of today’s busy couples. Our classes and workshops are developed by a unique group of talented professionals, therapists, marriage counselors, and ministers representing many different denominations, parts of the country, cultures and life experiences.”
Family Dynamics Institute
“Jim and Sheri Mueller founded Growthtrac Ministries…in 2001. Jim and Sheri grew this ministry as they resourced the couples they mentored. Since its inception, Growthtrac was a one-stop resource for marriage and spiritual information, but early on expanded its vision from a marriage preparation focus to an expansive Christian-marriage resource.”
Growthtrac Ministries
“The Institute for Marriage and Public Policy is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to high quality research and public education on ways that law and public policy can strengthen marriage as a social institution. Working with top scholars, public officials, and community leaders, iMAPP brings the latest research to bear on important policy questions, seeking to promote thoughtful, informed discussion of marriage and family policy at all levels of American government, academia, and civil society.”
Institute for Marriage and Public Policy
This is the blog of Pat Fagan though others also contribute to the site. Mr. Fagan is a clinical psychologist specializing in child, family and marital therapy. He has worked at the Heritage Foundation and now works “with Tony Perkins at the Family Research Council where he directs the Marriage and Religion Research Institute (MARRI) to equip front line warriors with social science products they can use to win the war for family, faith and freedom.” The article on this site include a variety of issues related to families including the issue of divorce and different family structures.
Marriage and Religion Research Institute Blog
“Marriage for Life, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization based in Jacksonville, Florida which was developed to help decrease divorce and family disintegration in the Greatger Jacksonville area. We accomplish this through offering educational classes, relationship skills training, marriage coaching, and weekend intensives for distressed marriages. We reach out to youth, singles, engaged couples and married couples and seek to address the relationship issues that each face.” Dr. Richard Marks “is the Executive Director and works with social service agencies, faith based organizations of all backgrounds and ethnicities, governmental agencies, the military and businesses in training them to prevent problems through various relationship skills programs. Marriage for Life, Inc. uses various research based programs to accomplish their goals. We also use Dr. Marks’ Enriched Relationships relationship skills programs.”
Marriage For Life
“This Christian marriage website seeks to help those who are married and those preparing for marriage to be PRO-ACTIVE in helping to save marriage from divorce and to enrich it by offering INSPIRATIONAL, skill-building information which REFLECTS the HEART of CHRIST.”
Marriage Missions International
This website from The Coalition for Marriage, Family and Couples Education provides numerous articles on how to maintain a happy healthy marriage as well as information on how to potentially stop a divorce.
Smart Marriages

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