2 thoughts on “Introducing Wayne Stocks”

  1. Interesting article, but leaves out some basic info. Where do you live? What was your occupation prior to becoming a children’s minister? What’s your educational background? How do you make a living to support a wife and 4 kids?

    1. Good questions. I didn’t address them originally because this article was focused more on my ministry than me as an individual, but I would glad to. I live in central Ohio. I have for the last 17 plus years. I am not in full (or even part) time ministry. I volunteer at my church in our children’s ministry and engage in several online ministries to teach and equip those who work with kids. I am a proud graduate of THE Ohio University. I studied Accounting, Business Pre-Law and Political Science (all of which have very little to do with children’s ministry! :)). I am a part owner of a CPA Firm that does consulting, or as I tell people, “That’s how I spend my spare time when I’m not doing ministry.” Thanks for visiting the site. I hope you will continue to check in and join the conversation about this very important issue!

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