1 thought on “Why now for Divorce Ministry 4 Kids?”

  1. Wayne, your passion and call to serve is refreshing. I admire you for listening to that still and quiet voice within you. My prayer is that more people in the church realm will do the same. A few days ago I came across an article called, “The Divorce Generation”.

    As I read that article my mind kept thinking, “What if the church had reached out to the kids whose parents divorced back in the sixties, seventies, etc. Would they have turned out differently? Would they be connected to a church today? Would they have such a high divorce rate if someone from the church would have stepped in and been the Jesus feet, hands and voice for these kids?”

    I firmly believe that the majority of the marriages of adult children of divorce today are doomed to fail tomorrow unless the church steps in. As a matter of fact I have an article posted about this very subject on my website. http://www.hlp4.com/?q=node/31

    I agree with you, what CAN we do to better equip children’s ministries, churches and congregation to be more loving and minister more effectively to children of divorce?

    Together we can keep on keepin on!

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