You Shouldn’t Need A Preacher Beeper to Talk to Kids About Divorce

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving day here where I am.  If you celebrate Thanksgiving where you are, no matter what your family looks like, we at Divorce Ministry 4 Kids want to wish you and yours a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!  Here is a video we thought you might enjoy that will also make you think.

I came across this video on a friend’s site at  As I watched it, I was particularly struck by the second segment with the kid whose father wasn’t around.  Have a look at the video, then we’ll discuss it a little bit further.

Would you feel the way actors did when faced with a child of divorce?  Do you know the right thing to say?  How do you comfort a hurting child?  What shouldn’t you do?  I wrote an article series about one day in children’s ministry when something similar happened to me.  I could have used the preacher beeper then.

It is important that we be prepared for those moments so that we can make the most of them for God’s Kingdom.  We hope that, in some small way, Divorce Ministry 4 Kids will help to equip you to work with the children of divorce those from single-parent families in your church, in your community and in your life.