Denial and the Child of Divorce

Welcome back to our series on dealing with the emotional impacts of divorce on children.  Thus far, we have looked at:

Denial is a common reaction in children of divorce.  Consciously, or unconsciously, children refuse to accept that their parents are divorced.  They either pretend that nothing has changed, or they hold on to a false hope that their parents will get back together soon.  While this denial can be healthy on a short-term basis, long-term denial impedes a child’s ability to deal with, and overcome, the emotions they are feeling.

At Divorce Ministry 4 Kids, we have put together the following one page infographic on helping children of divorce deal with denial related to the divorce of their parents (click on the picture below for a full sized pdf version of the pamphlet).  Please feel free to share this pamphlet with parents and others who work with children of divorce.


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