Five Mistakes to Avoid When Telling Kids About Divorce

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4 thoughts on “Five Mistakes to Avoid When Telling Kids About Divorce”

  1. Collaborative divorce is an alternative to regular divorce process. There are so many benefits of this type. I think one should opt for such kind of separation or divorce. In this process of litigation does not takes place. For those having kids, this approach is better. As you said, telling kids about your divorce is very difficult task. You have mentioned all necessary points related to that. thanks for sharing.

  2. Totally agree with you, Sally. I strongly suggust to my coaching clients that they move into Collaborative Divorce or Mediation for the best long-term outcome — and to save money, as well. More people should investigate the many benefits Collaborative Divorce offers!

  3. Thank you Rosalind for this wonderful article. Your five tips for parents are right on point. I would add to your fourth point that parents should not confide adult information to their children even if the children are of adult age. Children in their late teens and early twenties may say they can “handle” the information, but it really is to their benefit to keep initimate details between you and your divorcing spouse.

    1. Shazi,

      I absolutely agree with you. Unfortunately, we see parents sharing way too much information not only with teen and young adults but with even younger children who are forced into the uncomfortable role of confidant following the divorce.

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