Reflections on the Passing of My Mother

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4 thoughts on “Reflections on the Passing of My Mother”

  1. Sorry about the loss of your mother at such an early age, Wayne. Makes me feel blessed to have had my mom until I was in my 40s. Keep up the good work you’re doing on behalf of children of divorced parents. You’re right, they do need help and compassion from grownups. And I’m sure your experience of early, major loss increases your ability to feel compassion. It’s weird how current losses can remind us of earlier losses. This is what happened to me when my father Donald died on Jan 2 last year. His birthday was also Jan. 15, and I’ve been thinking about him a lot recently. And of course when I think about one parent, I think about both. And of course this brings back their divorce, and all the complicated thoughts, feelings that goes with it. This is why a deeper and fuller understanding of grief seems so helpful to me as I seek to adjust and carry on and live my own life. I will be leading a book study on grief for men in our church starting this week. Also, I recently went to the library and checked out a variety of books related to children of divorced parents, including three related to adult children. So this is an issue that continues to interest me, even at age 54.

  2. Wayne,
    What a moving testimony to the value of mothers in little and young lives. So glad God brought you through and so blessed to be working with you to impact children of divorce.

    Thanks for sharing from your heart. I know that must have been difficult for you to do.

    God bless you this very day.

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