Six Ways Pets Can Help Children of Divorce

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3 thoughts on “Six Ways Pets Can Help Children of Divorce”

  1. We got a little dog right after my husband left. That little dog filled in a lot of gaps for my children, especially my son. When he would come home from his dads he would scoop up that little dog and say everything to her that I think he wished his dad would have said to him. Sometimes it broke my heart to hear him carry on with that dog. After time went by I would find myself smiling because my son was developing tenderness and concern for something. He poured out his heart to that little dog. She was part of our family. We had her for 14 years.

    Today he is a doctor and I’m told has a terrific beside manner. I’m sure all that practicing on the dog made a difference.

  2. My daughter greets our dogs first when they come home, and I let her be. It is her therapy ….
    When my husband and I got married (second marriage), we already had my two dogs, but we wanted to adopt one on our own. It is amazing how the “new dog” felt more like the family dog to his daughters then the dogs me and my kids already had. And I can ALWAYS tell when his 8 year old daughters are having a hard time because they gravitate to him more than normal, and he the same.

    Dogs can sense feelings and people better than we can, they are always the first to my kids emotional needs.

    I have seen it with even people than my own kids, I do pet therapy, and the impact pets can have on people are amazing!

    If you can’t get a pet for whatever reason, look into pet therapy!!!!!!!

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