Does the Shape of Families Shape Faith? Advice Regarding Children of Divorce

For the last couple of weeks here on we have been talking about the 6/50 Window.  As part of that focus on children of divorce as a mission field, we have discussed a new report titled “Does the Shape of Families Shape Faith?” which confirms that divorce has a profound impact on a child’s faith.  Earlier this week, we looked at 10 Key Observations and Conclusions from that report.  We will get back to our extensive look at the spiritual impacts of divorce next week, but today we wanted to summarize what I found to be one of the most helpful portions of last week’s report – the advice contained at the end of the report for pastors, church members, parents and children of divorce.  We have created the information sheet below which quotes/paraphrases the advice from the report.  You can click on the graphic for a printable pdf version.