Sowing Tears and Reaping Joy

imageDivorce is hard. There is no doubt about it. When parents divorce, kids will mourn the loss of their intact family, the loss of time and availability of one or both parents and the loss of life as they had know it. Divorce hurts, and kids suffer – most often they suffer more than even their parents who are getting divorced. But, there is hope. Things can get better, and though life will never be the same, it is possible to create a new normal.

Psalm 126 is a Psalm of new beginnings. It recounts times in the past where God has restored the fortunes of his people. It reminds us that:

Those who sow in tears shall reap with shouts of joy! [Psalms 126:5 ESV]

God does not promise us a life devoid of trials and tribulations. However, in a relationship with him we can find joy. Out of the sadness of our lives, God can and does bring us joy and contentment. There will come a day when God will wipe every tear away from the face of believers, and we can hope in that day. However, the Bible also tells us that God has, can and will turn tears shed today into joy tomorrow.

pdf to share rightFor children of divorce, you can take solace in knowing that no matter how bad things might seem right now, and no matter how sad or depressed your current situation may find you, there is hope and joy in God. Cast your cares upon him. Do not allow the sadness that you are currently feeling to define who you are. Rather, sow in tears. Continue to work on your relationship with God. Read the Bible. Reflect on the good things He has done for you in the past. Reflect on all He has done for His people throughout history, and know that He is good. Know that He is there for you and always will be. Know that in Him we find true and lasting joy!