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Some of the very first articles published on included statistics on marriage and divorce and the impact on children. Over the years we have featured a number of articles including more detailed statistics related to the impacts of divorce and child living arrangements. This past November 2013, we presented a workshop at the Engage Conference in Mechanicsburg Pennsylvania entitled “This Ain’t Your Grandmas’ Children’s Ministry: Understanding Modern Families.” The premise of the workshop was that in order to understand the kids who come into your churches every Sunday morning, you need to understand how their families are changed. We gathered a lot more information than we were able to share in a one hour workshop, and over the next couple of months we will share a variety of statistics and study results related to children and the types of families they live in. Our sincere hope is that, armed with this information, the perception of the children in your ministry will change and you will be better able to minister to children from today’s diverse modern families.

This week, we are going to look at various charts and statistics related to marriage and divorce. You may be surprised by the current trends.

Current Marriage and Divorce Rates

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imageI’ll probably date myself with this one, but back when I was growing up, there was a popular song about the relationship between kids and parents called “Parents Just Don’t Understand.” Nowhere is this more evident than when talking about disrupted families.

One of the issues we face in making people aware of the impact of divorce on kids is the general disconnect between how parents and other adults view how their kids react to a family disruption and how the kids react. We’ve written about this phenomena before on Divorce Ministry 4 Kids. In fact, one of our very first articles when we launched the ministry was all about the different between how kids and parents see divorce. That article was titled “A Change in Perspective on Divorce” ( Until we begin to truly see divorce from the child’s point of view, we cannot be in a position to minister to them.

Recently, a British site called recently surveyed 1,000 parents and 100 children about the impact of family disruption and the perceptions of both parents and kids. Their conclusion was simple: Continue Reading…