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Divorce Care 4 Kids [DC4K] is a 13 week program from Church Initiative. Though it is unrelated to Divorce Ministry 4 Kids, we wholeheartedly recommend this program for any church wanting to start of ministry to children of divorce or a parent looking for a program for their child to attend. We have written extensively about DC4K here on this site including An Introduction to DC4K, a four part series on my first session serving as a leader in DC4K [Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4], and a four part speech to a pastor or congregation on the need for a DC4K type program [Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4].
Divorce Care 4 Kids [DC4k]

Divorce Care, like DC4K, is a product of Church Initiative and follows the same 13 week cycle that DC4K does. It follows the same topics as the DC4K program allowing parents and children to discuss what they are both learning. The Divorce Care website explains, “DivorceCare is a friendly, caring group of people who will walk alongside you through one of life’s most difficult experiences. Don’t go through separation or divorce alone.”
Divorce Care
The Big D is a 12 week program for teens going through their parents’ divorce which was written by Krista Smith and is available from Sonset Point Ministries. The website explains, “‘The Big D’ was created to promote a teen’s journey in healing, identifying the hurt from divorce, and then challenging them to find the strength to confront, accept and heal from those hurts. Through challenging the denial often associated with a parents divorce, and helping the teen push through anger issues; “The Big D” can help lead teens into the freedom necessary to understand and experience true forgiveness.”
The Big D: Divorce Through the Eyes of A Teen
Chained No More is a program designed by Robyn Besemann to help Adult Children of Divorce deal with their lingering issues from their parents’ divorce. In an article here on Divorce Ministry 4 Kids, Robyn explained, “‘Chained No More’…is a 13 week curriculum for ACOD. Unlike DC4K and The Big D, where leaders guide kids step by step toward healing, “Chained No More” is designed to help adult participants discover for themselves, with the Lord’s help, the chains that bind them beginning at the time of their parents’ separation/divorce. Links include family patterns, the Chain of Grief, personal issues, areas of unforgiveness, failed relationships and all of the emotions associated with these areas.”
Chained No More
Single & Parenting is a program offered by Church Initiative. Single & Parenting is a series of video based seminars covering topics like Wisely encourage your kids to obey, Help your hurting child, Eliminate debt, Deal with verbal onslaughts, and Figure out what your emotions are telling you. In addition, the program gives single parents a chance to develop friendships with other single parents living through similar circumstances.
Single & Parenting
Developed by Lori Little, “The 21 Principles of a Healthy Single Mom Bible Study and book for single moms / Single Mom Small Group provides a church resource for their single moms ministry that is easy to use and facilitate. The 21 Principles will also raise single moms to a new level and encourage them to flourish spiritually in every aspect of their life, leading single moms to live a life of purpose and meaning, focus and order, balance and harmony. The 21 Principles of a Healthy Single mom offers the church the best resource to start an effective, long-lasting single mom ministry.” The program is described as a “post Divorce Care” program based on 21 specific scriptures.
Hope & Help for the Single Mom
Another offering from Church Initiative, Before You Divorce “provides a “reality check” for the divorcing couple. Through videos and a workbook, this marriage crisis intervention tool provides a realistic and stark picture of the impact a decision to divorce will have on each partner and on those around them. Before You Divorce provides you with a Christ-centered, biblical strategy for stopping divorce.”
Before You Divorce
“An eight-part Series with Study Guides designed to tackle the challenges of bringing the pieces of two broken families together. “Ready to use” for workshops, conferences, and small groups. The Taylors present their hottest topics in front of a studio audience interlaced with interviews from seven other stepcouples, five adult children, and one grandchild of divorce & remarriage.” The study guide includes options for both a faith-based and secular study guide.
Designing Dynamic Step Families
“Banana Splits is a school-based children’s group program for students who have experienced parental divorce or death. Established in 1978 by social worker Liz McGonagle, Banana Splits now supports children, parents, and teachers in schools across the country and around the world.”
Banana Splits
M. Gary Neuman wrote a book in 1999 called “Helping Your Kids Cope With Divorce: The Sandcastles Ways” based on his Sandcastles Program. “The Sandcastles Program™ is a three-and-a-half-hour, onetime group session for children of divorce between the ages of six and seventeen. The last half hour includes the children’s parents and focuses on improving communication between them. The program was first instituted in Miami-Dade County, Florida, and is now mandatory there and in over a dozen other jurisdictions throughout the country.” Though you might not be able to enroll your kids in the program itself, the workbooks are available from this site.
Divorce the SandCastles Way

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