Single Parents Are Hard Working People

They are amazing people too.

  • nativityThey have multi tasked since before it was popular. You know – laundry, help with homework and paying bills all at once while cooking dinner.
  • They texted before texting was even invented; only their texting was notes on the fridge everyday and sometimes two and three times a day.
  • They “outsourced” before large corporations knew anything about outsourcing by bringing in people to help them in emergency situations.
  • They have invested in “bonds” that have lifetime value. You know the bonding between a parent and child.
  • They face insurmountable odds and yet they keep right on keeping on.

Because of all of the above and more, the downloadable “Christmas Helps for Single Parents” booklet is dedicated to all of our single parent families and their friends.

I pray you find comfort and joy in reading through the devotions and articles.

If you are a minister or a children’s volunteer, please feel free to download the booklet, print it and hand it out to the people in your congregation.

For a downloadable copy of the booklet, click here.