The Switching Hour by Dr. Evon Flesberg (A Review)

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2 thoughts on “The Switching Hour by Dr. Evon Flesberg (A Review)”

  1. Greeting,

    I just had to find you and share how much I LOVE YOUR BOOK! I so hate to sound like a fan, but I read it in a class at Asbury Seminary and cannot stop talking about the book.

    As you can see from my current URL, I run a faith-based campaign against sexual trauma. This year, we are changing all the sites ( also) and are really going to employ a big push for ministry mobilization. This push will include suggesting that churches offer parenting classes and support groups for divorced memebers. I would love to use your favorite excerpt from your and/or invite you to speak at a web-inar.

    Please let me know what you think.

    Robin W Josef

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