How Divorce Affects Children of All Ages

Child development stagesOur very own Linda Ranson Jacobs is now writing for the new blog from DC4K.  The good news for you is that you can now learn from Linda’s wisdom and insights more often than just on Friday here on Divorce Ministry 4 Kids, and we would encourage you to bookmark her blog.

One of Linda’s first series on the new blog highlights how divorce affects kids at every age and stage of development.  This is a great resource for you and for members of your church and children’s ministry in terms of ministering to children from divorced or separated homes.

Here are the installments in that initial series:

We would like to congratulate Linda on her new blog.  We are grateful for her continued work to educate those in the church about the plight of children of divorce, and we know that this will be a valuable new tool in that effort.  We will continue to highlight resources from that blog here on Divorce Ministry 4 Kids.

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