Confusion and the Child of Divorce

Welcome back to our series on dealing with the emotional impacts that divorce has on children.  Thus far, we have looked at:

For this first installment in 2012, we have put together an infographic on helping children of divorce deal with the confusion they feel related to the divorce of their parents (click on the picture below for a full sized pdf version of the pamphlet).


5 thoughts on “Confusion and the Child of Divorce”

  1. Andrew Root, a child of divorced parents who teaches in the youth and family ministry department at Luther Seminary, has written a book with a chapter on how the church can help children of divorced parents

    1. Don,

      Thanks for the suggestion. I am actually in the middle of Andrew’s book right now. It is a very “deep” look at the issue, but I think it is well worth the read for anyone who really wants to understand how divorce affects kids at their very core. I’ve been tempted to skip ahead to the how the church can help chapter, but I am forcing myself not to.

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